Learning the Ropes
Day-Long Program

Crew-member Jack Kelly and trainee Pabitra..JPG

Duration: 1 Day

For Ages: 14-18 (can be adapted for younger groups)

Spaces per Program: 18

"Standing aloft, with the wind in my face, the sun in my eyes, and the rush of adrenaline in my veins... was a moment of pure happiness!" - Josie, Learning the Ropes participant

Learning the Ropes is a fun educational day excursion on board our training vessel the Windeward Bound and our longboat ‘Trim’. Students will be tested in a new and different environment and will get to see, do and understand many of the mathematical and scientific disciplines that they see in the classroom.

At the start of the day, students are divided into three groups (or “watches” in nautical speak). Each watch gets the opportunity to climb aloft (up the mast, but not the whole way!), learn to row Trim and participate in sailing drills.

After a lunch break the students will pair up into teams where they will be presented with a new challenge requiring team coordination and co-operation for a successful outcome. This challenge will test their ingenuity (and no, we’re not going to tell you what it is, it will ruin the surprise).

On completion, we will weigh anchor and go sailing for an hour or so, then its back to the dock, to hand out voyage certificates to all participants and to say our goodbyes (or perhaps, see you on a voyage one day!).

"Our students loved it and the pride they returned to school with was fantastic... the student who didn't get very far in the climbing got to 'steer' the ship and the smile on her face told the story of how proud she was of herself. Thank you for a fantastic experience for our West Coast students who sometimes miss out on opportunities." - Duncan, School Principal


Please contact office@windewardbound.com.au or 0438 120 599 with any enquiries!