Future Mariners of Tasmania

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Learning the ropes
Day-Long Sails

Keen to come sailing, but not ready for the open sea yet? Our full-day or half-day programs are for you! Learn the ropes, take a turn at the wheel, and get a taste of what our full sail-training voyages are like. 

Sample activities (subject to weather and program length):
Trim Challenge - learn to row as a team in our 6m longboat. 
"Ups and overs" - don a harness and have an introductory climb up the ships mast. 
Helmsmanship - take a turn at the ship's wheel! 

"Standing aloft, with the wind in my face, the sun in my eyes, and the rush of adrenaline in my veins... was a moment of pure happiness!" - Josie, Learning the Ropes participant

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Youth Development Sail Training

Sail training is about living, working and playing with people you haven't met before... becoming a member of a team...taking responsibility, giving and taking orders, pushing yourself physically and mentally. Being cold, wet, weary, perhaps sick, often frightened - and looking back on it as the most wonderful experience of your life!
(Captain Geoff Rowarth)


Since 2002, over 38 of our voluntary liveaboard crew have successfully attained Certificates of Competency through our scholarship program. We provide everything you need to start a maritime career: hands-on training, sea-time, supervision, and full funding for courses. 

Voluntary liveaboard crew who have been with the ship for atleast 3 months in good standing, and demonstrated teamwork and ledership are eligible to apply for our scholarship program to earn a Coxwain or Master <24m/MED III Certificate of Compentency.


Whether you are an experienced sailor, or have never set foot on a boat before, we have a place for you. Make new friends, learn new skills, build new muscles... maybe even discover a new passion! 

Voluntary crew learn about the maritime world, accrue sea time, and act as mentors to voyage trainees. No prior experience is required, but self-motivation is an essential ingredient to the success of your onboard experience. 

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Future Mariners of Tasmania is made possible with generous support from: 


Please contact office@windewardbound.com.au or 0438 120 599 with any enquiries!