The voyage gave me the experience of a lifetime that I will never forget, no matter how hard I try. The Windeward Bound is not just an experience for sailing but also for rough nature, climbing heights and making a lot of new friends. I would thoroughly recommend Windeward Bound Voyages to any young person.  - Liam, 2018

Having not had any previous training in sailing I was nervous but excited to learn how to navigate and manage a ship. The first thing I discovered was that teamwork is vital when sailing a ship as large as the Windeward Bound, as there is always an extra line to haul or brace to fasten...Over the period of 10 days we endured strong winds and cold nights whilst sailing past the beautiful landscapes of Tasmania’s East Coast. The sailing itself included long, tiring hours of setting and striking sails, steering the ship at the helm and keeping watch on deck. There were difficult times for everyone on board, with many battling seasickness as well as adjusting to living in a small and crowded space with new people. Yet these challenges were far outweighed by the constant laughter and friendship of everyone on board. The voyage helped each and every one of us to develop our teamwork skills and to learn about our own strengths and how we could put these into use
. - Ariane, 2016 

This voyage was a truly amazing trip that I will never forget and I’m sure I have made new friends, Tasmanian and from other cultures that I will keep in touch with and visit as regularly as possible.  I’m really grateful that social media will make keeping in touch easier but can’t believe that we could have had such an amazing, life changing experience with not a mobile phone in sight for 10 days! - Fin, 2016

When I first embarked on this voyage, I knew that it was going to be an unforgettable Adventure, that I would make great friendships, and have an amazing time, but I could never have guessed that it would be as incredible and fulfilling as it was... There were hundreds of hilarious moments and never a moment that I and all of my fellow crew members didn’t have a big smile on our faces.  The voyage was full of learning opportunities, ranging from general shipboard knowledge to communication and leadership skills along with developing an understanding of diversity and different cultures. - Holly, 2016

The voyage truly changed my life for the better. It showed a side of me that I had never experienced. Before the Windeward bound i had never even seen a tall ship and by the end of the voyage I didn't want to leave. It started a passion inside of me I never even knew existed. Sailing a Tall ship is an experience you would never forget and its something you just have to do to fully live your life. It gives you a feeling of freedom, From climbing the mast and looking out over the ship and the vast amount of water to pulling lines and feeling a sense of satisfaction seeing a sail set and knowing that it was you and your watch that accomplished it not anybody else. It sets you up with a heap of new skills you never knew you wanted, from learning sail theory to meteorology to navigation to just learning how to get along with others better. It was a marvelous experience and I think anyone who is bored of normal life or just wants to do something different should give it a go.- Cam, 2017

Over the summer 2017 I had the privilege of embarking on a journey hosted by the team at Windeward Bound. Over the ten days I learnt many things not only about myself but about tall ships and other people. There were many activities onboard that helped me experience new things and become a better version of myself. The trip was one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done and I would like to thank everyone that had any involvement in the trip whatsoever. From captain Sarah and the mates Bill and Susie to the watch leaders and second deck hands. All the crew put in so much effort for the ship and they deserve nothing but praise for the work that they have completed. I would not hesitate to recommend the trip to anyone! – Darcey, 2017

The Windeward Bound trip was an unforgettable and pivotal time in my and helped me travel in a new direction, towards doing something worthwhile with my life and not wasting a single precious second with my friends and family, doing what I love in every instance. - Huon, 2017

My voyage onboard Windeward Bound was an unforgettable experience. Being able to live and work on a tall-ship for an entire week with people I had never met before seemed daunting to begin with but in the end, I wouldn’t have done it any other way. The crew onboard the Windeward Bound played a huge role in making the experience so great. I think without such a helpful, smart, approachable and funny crew I would not have learnt as much about sailing and also about myself as I did. I gained skills that would help me sail a tall ship, but more importantly I gained skills I can take away from the experience like working effectively as a team, communicating with others and sharing empathy for others. I would strongly recommend this trip to anyone, no matter what their background is because I can guarantee you will not regret it and will be able to gain something great from the experience.  - Charlie 2018

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