Captain Sarah Parry Awarded International Sail Trainer of the Year 2017

At the annual awards ceremony  of the Sail Training International Tall Ships Conference,  held recently in Bordeaux, France. Captain Sarah Parry was awarded the prestigious

“International Sail Trainer of the Year for 2017”

This prestigious , and much coveted, award is presented to a professional sail trainer who is  recognised by their international peers as having constantly delivered an exceptional sail training programme for  young people at sea...

Captain Sarah Parry commented:

“The most extraordinary thing happened, In early December we were in Bordeaux France, attending the annual conference of Sail Training International, the World Governing body of Youth Development and Sail Training.

At the annual awards ceremony I was presented with this award. This great honour frankly blew me away, and I have to say, in no small way, the honour also belongs to the entire group of wonderful young, (and older) people, past and present, who make up the entire crew, both afloat and ashore, of our great ship.

Our collective success is due to all our collective efforts”