A special request for "a few good hands" for our office!

The Windeward Bound Trust has always been led and powered by a vast network of dedicated and loyal volunteers. Historically, those volunteers have mostly been aboard the ship, helping out with our youth programs and fundraising daysails and voyages. We believe that we attract such high-caliber volunteers from all over the country and the world because we offer them the chance to do something FUN, EDUCATIONAL, and MEANINGFUL, and we are very proud of the volunteer experience we provide. But these days, we find ourselves in need of more than just ship-board volunteers.

In the last few years, the Trust has been growing and changing in many exciting ways. In 2014, we hired our very first full-time employee to take on some of the administrative load, research and apply for grants, and help develop new and innovate programming. A year and a half later, we secured funding that enabled us to double our staff size with the hire of a full-time First Mate!

That grant, which was from the Tasmanian Community Fund, was in support of the Trust's newest program initiative: Future Mariners of Tasmania.  The vision of Future Mariners of Tasmania is that every young person living in Tasmania, regardless of financial background, geographic location, or family connections, knows that if they want to interact with the marine environment, have life-changing personal-development experiences, volunteer in their community, or develop skills that might one day lead to the attainment of qualifications and a career, then they can.

More recently we got the happy news that we have received a second substantial bit of funding from Skills Tasmania to support Future Mariners as a program that can give young people all over the state support in pursuing maritime-focussed careers. We feel very excited about the potential of this program to help us build more and stronger connections with schools and youth-serving organisations throughout the state, and enable us to offer even more high-impact, affordable programming to our state's young people.


Of course, with all of this change and growth comes new needs, and a heavier burden on the Trust's administrative team. Although we understand why so many volunteers are attracted to the romance of the ship, we also know that behind every successful tall ship is a dedicated and highly-skilled administrative team. That's why we are reaching out to you now -- our devoted network of Windeward Bound fans! -- to help us find a few good hands to join our administrative support team. If you think you or someone you know might fit the bill, please email us at windewardbound@gmail.com to find out more!