An Ode in Remembrance of Trim

An Ode in Remembrance of Trim - 1st February 2001 to 14th February 2016

Our faithful and beloved cat, Trim, has crossed the rail and gone from us. She truly lived the adventurous life of a sailor, for 15 years she sailed as a fully fledged member of our Ship’s Company, across many deep and blue waters, from The Tasman, Coral, Arafura and Timor Seas to the Pacific, Indian and Southern Oceans, even becoming an honorary citizen of New Zealand.

She entranced all she met along the way, and became a National celebrity during our circumnavigation, and true to her sailorly spirit, Trim sought out (and often found) the most interesting adventures, whether in port or at sea. She would always rush past, intent on her own, (unfathomable to us) mission. But once on board it was clear to all she was there to stay!

Ravaged by multiple lymphoma in these recent months, her body emaciating away, her mind however was still sharp and her sense of adventure being greater than her bodily strength, she did as many sailors before her have done, and ventured where she should have not. At least she is spared any further bodily collapse, and any ensuing pain.

I paraphrase the words of Lt. Matthew Flinders R.N., used when writing his own memoir of his Trim of 1801, as it says much of Trim Mk2 of 2001. I am certain Matthew would approve of the changes I have made to fit our Trim!

“Thus perished my faithful intelligent Trim! The sporting, affectionate and useful companion of my voyages during 15 years. Never, my Trim, “to take thee all in all, shall I see thy like again”; but never wilt thou cease to be regretted by all who had the pleasure of knowing thee.

To the memory of
The best and most illustrious of her race, -
the most affectionate of friends, -
faithful of servants,
and best of creatures.
She made the tour of the Antipodes, and the voyage around
which she circumnavigated, and was ever the
delight and pleasure of her fellow voyagers………..
Many a time have I beheld her little merriments with delight,
and her superior intelligence with surprise:
Never will her like be seen again!
Trim was born in Western Sydney in the year 2001,
and perished at Hobart in the year 2016.

Peace be to her shade, and
Honour to her memory."

Lt. Matthew Flinders R.N. (1809) and Capt. Sarah Parry W.B. (2016)