An interesting donation!

The world of tall ships is a wonderful place, where generous enthusiasts sometimes come out of the woodwork at just the right moment, with just what you need. We were recently gifted with a donation of tallow to assist our crew in the rigging work they are currently doing. Tall ships require regular rig tensioning, which involves readjusting the lines that attach our rigging to the chainplates on the side of the ship. Tallow is a substance we use to lubricate the lanyards so that they move through the deadeyes more easily (see images below).

Tallow can be expensive and quite difficult to find. A great big thank-you goes out to Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd, producers of Cape Grim Beef among other things, who really helped us out this week with their donation of two 20 litre drums of tallow. Greenham Tasmania works with farms across Tasmania, and we are grateful for their strong community support. Thanks also to our long-standing volunteer Mate Bill Burrell for organising the donation!