About Us

The Trust

The Windeward Bound Trust has been a Registered Charity with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) since 1999, and Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) since its inception.  The Trust has a Board of Trustees and a volunteer Advisory and Management Board with a wide range of successful business experience.

The ship was built by volunteers and is crewed and maintained mainly by its volunteer base.

The Windeward Bound Trust is funded mainly by operational income, the generous donations of the supporting public, and continuing support of our sponsors. 100% of all income received remains in the Trust to meet the costs of operating the ship and to provide scholarships for those in most need.

It is the Board's intention that in the years ahead, the ship's operating and maintenance costs will gradually be met by increased donor streams thereby enabling the Windeward Bound Trust to increase the number of voyage berths for those in most need, and reduce the current dependence on commercial activities. To this end, the Windeward Bound Foundation Ltd is an approved DGR (class 1) charity registered with the Australian Taxation Office and the Australian charities and Not For Profit Commission.

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Our Mission

The brigantine "Windeward Bound" is a 33 metre symbol of enterprise and commitment to provide youth with an opportunity to enjoy and learn skills otherwise out of their reach.

The future of the Trust is tied to the development and training of youth with particular emphasis on those in dire need; made to feel helpless by financial, social, lifestyle or family circumstances

The Windeward Bound Trust, established in 1993, is committed to the relief of helplessness, the development of work and social skills and the delivery of personal growth experiences for young people

The Windeward Bound Trust also aims to foster good character and a spirit of enterprise in the youth of Tasmania and Australia generally, including youth disadvantaged or hampered by circumstances who could not otherwise participate 

It is the principal philosophy of the Trust that no young person should ever miss out on the Windeward Bound opportunity because of personal circumstances or lack of funds

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Certificates of Accreditation


Honours and Awards

Australian Naval Cadets Certificate of Appreciation
Billy Can Trophy.jpeg

 Windeward Bound was awarded the Billy Can Trophy in 2013.  In years of Australian Tall Ship races, the Australian Sail Training Association awards the Billy Can Trophy to the vessel with the best corrected time for a 48 hour run. In years that there is not a Tall Ship event the trophy is awarded to a Sail Training vessel or Organisation for an outstanding achievement in the youth development sail training arena.  Traditionally, when a British sailing ship did well for a merchant, the Captain was awarded a silver "plate" (silver tableware).  In Australia, the traditional bush tableware was a tin billy can.  It was deemed fitting for such an Australian award to also be a piece of silver tableware, and thus the Silver-plated Billy Can was born. The actual Silver-plated Billy Can is on permanent display in the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney.  Pictured here is the Huon Pine "travelling trophy".