2018 Youth Leadership Challenge

Twenty lucky young Tasmanian's with be setting sail in December 2018 for the voyage of a lifetime… will you be one of them?

About the 2017 Youth Leadership Challenge

Voyage dates: December 2018
Applications open: 17 June 2018
Applications due: 1st August 2018

The Windeward Bound Trust’s Annual Youth Leadership Challenge is a working partnership with Rotary Tasmania that also receives support from the Migrant Resource Centre of Southern Tasmania. This program promotes understanding, inclusiveness, and community by bringing together 18 young people of vastly different backgrounds for a ten-day voyage aboard the STV Windeward Bound, and giving them the opportunity to connect and grow with one another in both the short and long term.

The Youth Leadership Challenge is open to youths between the ages of 15 - 18 living in Tasmania -- ten locals with an interest in mentoring and creating a more inclusive Tasmanian community, and ten from refugee backgrounds who recently settled in Tasmania. This program is fortunate to receive generous financial support from a number of sponsors, which allows us to significantly reduce the cost for all participants. Those who wish to participate as mentors are required to fundraise $1,500 in donations to further offset these costs, and youth from refugee backgrounds are eligible for a significant subsidy to cover the majority of their voyage fee, with additional financial assistance available if needed. The Windeward Bound Trust provides some guidance to mentors in their fundraising, and assists in matching mentors with Rotary clubs sponsors. Nearly half of all Tasmanian Rotary clubs have sponsored mentors in past years, and most mentors from previous voyages have received some amount of Rotary sponsorship.

“I learned so much about others and their stories while travelling on the Windeward Bound and from that was able to put a clearer perspective and understanding of refugees and the lives they have lived. Listening to some of the brave stories and memories was extremely hard and left us all quite emotional. To hear that this trip had made such a positive and empowering impact on everyone was something so special and really made me realise why I was there.”
- Julia Rhodes, 2015 mentor
Just wanted to let you know how valuable we think the Youth Leadership Program was for the three young men on our Red Cross caseload who participated… All three boys returned glowing with confidence and feeling accepted and supported by mainstream Australians. In turn they will pass on that goodwill to other asylum seekers and refugees and be great advocates for positive interaction with the wider community.”
-Dean Barker, Migration Support Programs Manager, Red Cross

Rotary tasmania relationship

The Windeward Bound Trust has enjoyed a significant relationship with Rotary in Tasmania since 1994, and the Rotary Club of Hobart has been a driving force in the development and success of the Youth Leadership Challenge since its inception in 2012. In previous years, a four-member coordinating team from the Rotary Club of Hobart has assisted the Windeward Bound Trust with the planning for the voyage, the promotion to Rotary Clubs across the state, and the selection of mentors.  This year, having become an official program of Rotary Tasmania, this team will have additional Rotarian members from around the District.

Rotary Clubs throughout the District actively support the program through assisting with the recruitment and selection of mentors, and from time to time with sponsorship. Involvement with the Youth Leadership Challenge not only promotes ongoing outreach by clubs into their communities, but also provides the opportunity for them to hear inspiring speakers in the form of sponsored mentors, post-voyage. Over the past four years, 40% of Tasmanian Rotary Clubs have been mentor sponsors, five of those clubs having been sponsors in multiple years. We have received feedback from several clubs that their mentor speakers were some of the more memorable they’ve had, and we have already had unprompted enquiries for the upcoming voyage from clubs interested in sponsoring a mentor.