Captain Sarah Parry

Sarah Parry, Captain

Captain Sarah spent her early years as a member of the Royal Australian Navy diving team.  After leaving the Navy, she worked as a joiner, became involved in set design and construction, and eventually became a production designer and art director.  In 1984, she found the plans that would eventually become the Windeward Bound, and began a 15-year construction process.  For the last 15 years, she has served as the Managing Trustee and Captain of STV Windeward Bound.  Sarah holds a Master <35m certificate, with square rig and sail endorsement, MED 3 certificate, and is a British Nautical Institute, Square rig and sail endorsed Master.  Sarah also holds an international STCW 95 watchkeeping certificate as a Master Less than 500 Gross Tonnes for distances up to 600 nautical miles from the coast.

SGraney (1).JPG

Susie Graney, Mate

Susie is a born and raised Tassie local with a long association with the sea and sailing. She was born in Hobart the middle of three daughters and if photographic evidence is to be believed was at sea with the family soon after. She attended Blackmans Bay Primary School then St Michael’s Collegiate School in Hobart graduating in 1997. In January of 1998 she joined the Royal Australian Navy as a Seaman Officer and spent the next 18 years living and working in all states except South Australia, and serving on a range of different vessels including STS Young Endeavour, Patrol Boats, Frigates and Replenishment ships with several operational deployments. In September of 2016 Susie left the RAN to take up her new role as the Mate on board Windeward Bound, she brings with her a passion for youth development and teaching and a keen love of sailing and all things maritime.

Mate Bill Burrell

Bill Burrell, Mate

Bill grew up in the Chesapeake Bay area of the United States, and has spent the last ten years working with tall ships and sail training.  Bill holds a Master <24m certificate, and came to Windeward Bound after several years with the Tops'l Schooner Enterprize.  When asked what he loves about being on the water, Bill says: "'And the sea shall grant each man new hope,' -Christopher Columbus. Says it all...just add the other half of our species!"

Mate Donough Benson


Donough is originally from Ireland, and spent his youth sailing, and is an experienced boat-builder.  He is a qualified maths and sciences teacher, and has held a Skipper 1 certificate since 1972 (certificate number 21!)  He has served as Chief Mate on Windeward Bound voyages for the past 7 years, and is especially known and appreciated by trainees for his sextant tutorials.  Donough holds a Master <35m certificate, with square rig and sail endorsement, and a MED 2 certificate.

Mate Sam Yousofi

Sam Yousofi, Mate

Sam was born a long time ago in a place far away. He has studied Mechanical Engineering and Music, worked in South Africa as a university lecturer (in music), and in Australia as a Senior IT Professional, Aviator, Aviation Safety Analyst (CASA), Public Servant (ABC), and University Lecturer, to name a few.

He started his association with Windeward Bound as a Deck Hand and worked his way up through the ranks.  After more than 1,000 days on Windeward Bound, he now holds square rig endorsed Master <35m and MED 2 certificates, and is a full time lecturer at the Australian Maritime College in Launceston.  He is also a favourite joke- and story-teller of the ship's crew whenever he is able to join a voyage!

Support Crew & Staff

Jennie Kay, Director of Marketing & Sales

Jennie Kay, "Ship's Mother" Director of Marketing & Sales

Jennie works as a pharmacist, but in her spare time is always tending to the ship's needs, coordinating whatever requires coordinating,  endeavouring to sell berths or merchandise to the unsuspecting public, answering the Captain's phone, and reminding everyone how important they all are to this fabulous project. Her greatest talent is being able to convince everyone adventure sailing is always ‘the experience of a lifetime’ and that they will never regret it.

Jan Turnbull, Cook

Jan Turnbull, Cook

Jan has been delighting Windeward Bound passengers with her delicious meals for almost 10 years now.  She lives in W.A. but loves coming down to Tas to "run away to the sea" whenever there is a voyage.  We are incredibly lucky to have her, as evidenced by the number of thank-you notes we have received over the years that seem to fixate on the meals she served!

STK2015 - Galley - James - BILL BURRELL square.jpeg

James Baird, Cook

James wholesome and hearty meals always win compliments from our passengers. James got into cooking with a four year apprenticeship at the Royal Scot Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland, and has worked as a chef on and off for the last 35 years.


Lily Donovan, Cook

Lily joined is the newest cook onboard, she had previously spent time as a voluntary liveaboard crew member on the Windeward Bound. Her home base is in Wagga Wagga, NSW but she travels around Australia undertaking work in both the hospitality industry and also in theatre and set production. 

Lisa Kluver, Event & Voyage Management Officer

Lisa, having recently completed a Bachelor of Business at the University of Tasmania has a strong interest in event management and the tourism industry. Having a background in tourism she is passionate about ensuring that all passengers and trainees onboard the Windeward Bound have a memorable experience!

Alice Doyle, Administration Officer

Joining the team in 2016, Alice arrived with financial experience based in Government, private and not for profit organisations.

Alice provides the expertise and attention to detail that ensures the smooth operations of the administrative needs of Windeward Bound.

Voluntary Crew

Greg Dennis

As Greg walked through Hobart as a 16 year old student, he became captivated by the idea of sailing... he came on board seven years later to see a part of the world not travelled by many, and be a mentor for sail trainees. 

He is currently undertaking our scholarship program to obtain his Master <24m/MED III Certificate of Competency. 

Matt Smith.JPG

Matt Smith

Matt has been a sailor and interested in tall ships for many years. Spending six months onboard Matt hopes to learn more about tall ships and gain some sea time and knowlege towards future sea qualifications.  


Mads Goth Kamstrup

Mads has joined the Windeward Bound while he has a gap year between his bachelor and master studies in Business Administration in South Denmark. Mads participated in two Tall Ship Races  throughout Europe and saw his passion for sailing grow throughout these experiences.  



Maja Johansson

Having had minimal sailing experience Maja joined the liveaboard crew to learn how to sail. Her interest in the Windeward Bound was based on our core focus of helping youths grow in self-confidence, develop their teamwork skills and find meaningfulness in what they do. 

Mikaela Sparre

As an avid sailor and recent graduate of a paramedics degree, Kaela's ambition is to become a medic on board an international tall ship.

She is undertaking our scholarship program to obtain her Master <24m/MED III Certificate of Competency. 

Anja Leidi

Anja has been sailing with a not for profit Sweedish sailing association for the past five years gaining sailing experience. Having recently graduated, now was the perfect time for Anja to visit Tasmania from Sweeden prior to sailing aboard a tall ship situated in the Baltic Sea.  


Ian Tait

Having grown up in Western Australia Ian has spent the last year cruising the East and West coasts of mainland Australia just sailing around looking for beautiful places and new adventures. Ian and his sailing friends in Perth have plans to form a cruising fleet which will allow them to travel overseas and outside Australian waters, with the reassurance of knowing you are not alone.

Ian has a goal of obtaining his master <24m/MED III Certificate of Competency, and his time learning and developing his skills while on the Windeward Bound will help him reach this goal!

Em Wadley

Em grew up in Newstead in Northern Tasmania, and first set her eyes on the Windeward Bound when she joined the ship as a mentor on our annual Youth Leadership Challenge in December 2014. 

Having recently completed year twelve she wants to spend her gap year gaining life experience by doing something both challenging and exciting which will allow her to grow and develop as a person. 


Chloe Spear

For the past couple of years Chloe has been interested in alternative ways to travel, not using fossil fuels which has raised her interest in sailing.

She enjoys working as part of a team and a community with a common goal. She volunteered for two years in Europe after spending six years in the public service sector.Chloe wants to gain the skills which will enable her to work on issues she is passionate about.

Become Crew


Run away to sea - Build up your seatime - Fulfil your dream - Begin a career - Reach your potential

We now have the following positions vacant on the Brigantine Windeward Bound, Tasmania's largest sail training tall ship:


Sian Daniels.JPG
  • Are you seeking a career in the Maritime Industry?
  • Interested in halving your seatime requirement, or earning Coxswain, Master <24 or MED 3 certificate of competency?

We have a limited number of opportunities for live-aboard volunteer deckhands, male or female. Experience not necessary. Full board and lodging provided. Scholarships for maritime licensing and certificates are available to Australian permanent residents; eligibility depends upon performance and length of commitment.


  • Age range from 18 to 35
  • Must be average weight for height
  • Must be a NON smoker
  • Must be a non drug user and drug free
  • Must be able to work at heights
  • Must be reasonably fit
  • Must be able to comfortably lift own weight
  • Minimum 6 month commitment required

Preference will be given to applicants who currently hold a General Purpose Hands certificate or an Elements of Shipboard safety certificate. Those applicants not already holding these certificates may still apply as training will be provided. 

If you would like to join the Windeward Bound Crew please email for further information.