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A note about cost

Because of the nature of sail training, the actual cost of a voyage goes far beyond the time, food, and fuel used while at sea; it must also pay for the year-round maintenance of the ship.  Thankfully, we receive support from many generous sponsors and donors that allow us to off-set these costs for our educational programs.  Thus, we are able to work with each of our clients to find the right balance of fees, scholarships, sponsorships, and student fund-raising for each individual circumstance.

It is the principal philosophy of the Trust that no young person should ever miss out on the Windeward Bound opportunity because of personal circumstances or lack of funds.  If you are interested in having your students or organisation participate in a youth development sail training program, email us, fill out an inquiry form, or call 0418 120 243. We look forward to hearing from you!

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